Closed-Loop System

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Controlled, Efficient Manufacturing

Closed-Loop Manufacturing

Superior Control, Maximum Purity

PHB’s industry-leading closed-loop manufacturing system provides an unrivaled level of control over the sourcing, production, and distribution of animal extracts and purified proteins. Our process minimizes the chances of environmental contamination, which results in exceptionally pure and reliable products. 


PHB only collects USDA/MPI-certified raw materials from exclusive abattoirs. The material undergoes a thorough inspection before being collected through our proprietary collection process. 


Once collected, raw material is immediately transferred directly to our manufacturing facilities, contained entirely in transport equipment designed to prevent contamination.


The raw material is transferred into the facility via direct lines, eliminating interaction with the external environment. The material is manufactured through closed tanks, lines, filters, and separation equipment. There are no exposed filter presses or open tanks, nor is any non-food grade or noxious solvent material introduced into the process.

Advantages of the Closed-Loop System


Minimum Exposure to Environmental Contaminants


Raw Materials Sourced only from USDA/MPI-Certified Sources


Greater Accuracy and Reliability in Diagnostic uses


World-Class Manufacturing Across the Globe

PHB houses its closed loop manufacturing process in two identical facilities around the world. 

The Agriscience Center of America

New Zealand’s Agricultural Hub


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