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What Drives Us to Innovate

Partnering with organizations around the world, PHB continually strives to find new, innovative ways to help enable the future of human and animal health. A healthier future is our mission, and we can’t wait to help you deliver it through your world-class products.

Our Team of Experts

Collaborative Innovation for a Healthier Future

Partnering with us means sharing the common goal of wanting to deliver exceptional products for a healthier present and a healthier future.

Photo of Chris Detzel from PHB
Chris Detzel
Chief Executive Officer
photo of Phyllis Tinker from PHB
Phyllis Tinker
Vice President of Finance
Dezi Mickelson
Director of Human Resources
Moises Contreras
Executive Vice President of Business Development
Photo of Luke Bibby from PHB
Luke Bibby
Vice President of Global Sales Operations
Photo of Brian Kaufman from PHB
Brian Kaufman
Vice President of Global Sales
Photo of Chris Warner from PHB
Chris Warner
Director Of Research & Development
Photo of John Koski from PHB
John Koski
Vice President of Manufacturing


PHB is an invaluable partner for our team. Their expertise and top-notch customer service makes them one of our top partners and we can’t recommend them highly enough.

Li Chao
Sales Manager at Shanghai Yihyson Biological Technology Co.
Photo of Li Chao from Shanghai Yihyson Biological Technology Co.
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