Diagnostic Products

BSA and Animal Extracts for Diagnostic Applications

pure & dependable

Exceptional Reliability for Accurate Results

Diagnostic instruments are only as reliable as the materials used to make them. PHB controls its entire manufacturing process to create exceptionally pure protein products that ensure accurate and consistent results when it matters most.

BSA for Diagnostics

Maximum Purity and Performance

PHB’s manufacturing process minimizes the minor variances in BSA purity that can have major impacts on diagnostic accuracy and reliability.

Solutions for Diagnostics

Unleash Efficiency: Powder-Free BSA Solution

Supercharge your workflow with our BSA solutions – no more powders, just time savings and accuracy. Say hello to instant measurements, seamless integration, and enhanced productivity.

BGG for Diagnostics

World-class Diagnostic BGG

Bovine Gamma Globulin for Enhanced Accuracy and Exceptional Results

Extracts for Diagnostics

Purity and Performance

Proliant extract powders are nutrient-rich animal derivatives empowering diagnostic excellence

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