Bovine Gamma Globulin

56300 (US)
51001 (NZ)
BGG Powder

Exceptional Prevention of Non-Specific Binding

Unleashing the Power of Superior Blocking for Immunoassay Excellence

Proliant Bovine Gamma Globulin offers exceptional passive blocking capability and is great for complex applications due to its unique protein makeup and superior solubility. When BGG is paired with BSA, it offers even greater blocking power to help address heterophilic antibodies that may lead to false positives and reduced immunoassay performance by depleting the concentration of these interfering antibodies.


To achieve the best results, Bovine Gamma Globulin blocking conditions should be optimized for maximal signal-to-noise ratio and should be tested against appropriate controls.

Superior blocking power

≥ 96.0%


Purity for better blocking

< 10.0 mg/g


For improved consistency

6.8 to 7.2

pH (7% Solution in Water)

To maximize application usability


Heterophilic antibody reduction

A passive blocker to maximize reduction

Immunoassay blocking

As the sole blocking agent or combined with other blockers

Immunoassay controls and calibrators

For improved consistency and reproducibility


Bovine Gamma Globulin
Protein (Dry Basis)
≤ 5.0%
pH (7% Solution in Water)
6.8 to 7.2
0 to 10.0 mg/g
0 to 24.0 mg/g

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