Cell Culture

Cell Culture Products

Proven Solutions for Cell Growth

Unmatched Consistency

Unfailing Performance and Support for your Most Critical Applications

The sensitive nature of cell growth requires a level of lot-to-lot consistency that few can offer. The PHB team has the expertise to help you find the ideal solution for your cell growth needs while providing unparalleled customer support.

Serums for Cell Culture

Superior Growth Factors and Reproducibility

With the largest lot sizes in the industry and unmatched consistency and technical support, PHB serums offer unfailing performance.

Cell Culture Proteins

Purified Proteins

Developed for a wide variety of cell growth applications, these products are ideal when consistency and reliable performance are essential.

Extracts for Cell Culture

Nutrient-Rich Powdered Extracts for Cell Growth

PHB extracts are a mix of peptides, amino acids, organic acids, minerals and vitamins for use in cell culture media.

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